Strapi v4 setup with Docker Compose and MySQL

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Sergej Brazdeikis
Sergej Brazdeikis

I have to say it was confusing - today existing docker image strapi/strapi has v3 under the hood and there is no simple way or docs to install Strapiv4 via Docker Compose.

Today the only way to create new project Strapi v4 is to use:

npx create-strapi-app@latest strapi-project --quickstart

and use it natively with node with

npm run develop

Today, I'm sharing my solution with Docker-compose.

Create Strapi project via Docker

Install Strapi project files:

  • set node version. Here is version 16.
  • set project name. I use strapi-project
docker run -it \ -v $PWD:/data\ -w=/data\ node:16-alpine sh -c "yes | npx create-strapi-app@latest strapi-project --no-run --dbclient=mysql --dbhost=mariadb --dbport=3306 --dbname=strapi --dbusername=strapi --dbpassword=strapi"

All those CLI options are listed here on the Strapi Github repo - packages/cli/create-strapi-app/create-strapi-app.js With these options the configuration is setup correctly, together with the right database driver in package.json:

... "dependencies": { ... "mysql": "2.18.1" } ...

Launch with Docker compose with Mysql together

Then lets launch the docker compose. Here as an option I use MariaDb as a choise.

For reference I used this folder structure:

Strapi Docker Compose folder structure

Use following docker-compose.yml

version: '3' services: strapi: image: node:16-alpine command: npm run develop labels: com.example.description: "Strapi project" environment: DATABASE_CLIENT: mysql DATABASE_HOST: mariadb DATABASE_PORT: 3306 DATABASE_NAME: strapi DATABASE_USERNAME: strapi DATABASE_PASSWORD: strapi DATABASE_SSL: 'false' volumes: - ./strapi-project:/data working_dir: /data ports: - '1337:1337' depends_on: - mariadb mariadb: image: mariadb volumes: - ./mariadb:/var/lib/mysql environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: strapi MYSQL_DATABASE: strapi MYSQL_USER: strapi MYSQL_PASSWORD: strapi

Deploy with Docker compose to the production environment

For production deployment - please change the passwords above.

Also, it seems Strapi suggests using strapi start instead as launch command.

Happy content creation!